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Dougies Goodies

Tuck Shop Chocolate Drip Cake

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Indulge in Dougies Goodies Tuck Shop Chocolate Drip Cake: A Nostalgic Delight!

Dive into a sumptuous treat that blends timeless taste with contemporary flair. Introducing our Dougies Goodies Chocolate Drip Cake – a cake that speaks directly to the heart of every chocolate aficionado. Whether you crave the velvety richness of milk chocolate or the silky allure of white chocolate, our decadent drips promise to satiate your deepest cocoa cravings.

Beneath these drips lies a foundation of your choice: the classic allure of Victoria Sponge, the dark temptation of Chocolate Sponge, or even the Victoria Sponge in a Gluten-Free option. No matter your pick, each slice promises a symphony of taste and texture that dances on your palate.

But that's not all! Every Dougies Goodies Chocolate Drip Cake comes generously adorned with your beloved tuck shop favourites. The crunchy decadence of Flake, the playful twists of Curly Wurly, and the melt-in-the-mouth goodness of Maltesers come together in one spectacular treat. Each bite is a delightful stroll down memory lane, with a lavish chocolatey upgrade.

Why wait? Elevate your celebrations, gatherings, or even those solo treat-yourself moments with a cake that's not just a dessert, but an experience. Order now, and let Dougies Goodies transport you to chocolate heaven!

    Handling & Transport


    Upon collection, a member of staff will present you with your cake. Please check your cake - personal message, photo, extras etc are as ordered.


    Please remember to handle with care as your cake is freshly baked. Use the cake board and bottom of the box to move the cake around and do not push the sides of the box in. When lifting your cake, keep flat and avoid slanting the cake towards your body.


    Cakes should be placed on a flat surface such as a clear boot space or passenger footwell. You should never transport on a seat or someone's lap.


    Store in a cool, dry place. Only cakes with fresh cream need to be placed in a fridge.

    Best Before

    Best consumed within 5 Days except Fresh cream cakes use within 2 Days.

    Allergy Advice

    Contains Gluten, milk, soya, eggs.

    Our products are made in an environment where nuts, peanuts, eggs, milk, soya, sesame and gluten are used. For this reason we cannot guarantee they are free from traces of these allergens.

    Sprinkles can contain fish gelatine, bovine gelatine & agar. 



    Collections available Tuesday - Saturday based on your pick up date between 11am-3pm.

    Tuck Shop Chocolate Drip Cake
    Tuck Shop Chocolate Drip Cake
    Tuck Shop Chocolate Drip Cake
    Tuck Shop Chocolate Drip Cake