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Create custom cupcakes

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Discover the delightful world of Dougies Goodies Cupcakes. Our cupcakes are handcrafted with the finest ingredients, ensuring a moist, fluffy texture and topped with our signature frosting as well as the option to add a custom topper. Dougies Goodies cupcakes are perfect for any occasion or just because! Treat yourself today and experience the joy in every bite!

*Before placing your order, please familiarise yourself with the important information at the bottom of this page.*

    Important information

    Customising your cupcake?

    When customising your cupcake, please be aware of the following:

    -When personalising your cupcake with a "message topper" please state the message in your order notes.

    -Cupcake toppers are small, please refrain from including a message that's over four words long.

    -Feel free to add more than one message. If you only provide one message, this will appear on all your cupcakes.

    -If you request a mix of photo & message toppers there will be an even mix in your box as standard.

    Should you have any special requests, leave this in your order notes. Our customer service team will reach out to you if necessary

    Handling & Transport


    Upon collection, a member of staff will present you with your cupcakes. Please check that your cupcake personal message, photo, extras etc are as ordered.


    Please remember to handle with care as your cupakes are freshly baked. Handle the bottom of the box to move the cupcakes around and do not push the sides of the box in. When lifting your cupcakes, keep flat and avoid slanting the box towards your body.


    Cakes should be placed on a flat surface such as a clear boot space or passenger footwell. You should never transport on a seat or someone's lap.


    Store in a cool, dry place. Only items with fresh cream need to be placed in a fridge.

    Best Before

    Best consumed within 5 days.

    Allergy Advice

    Contains Gluten, milk, soya, eggs.

    Our products are made in an environment where nuts, peanuts, eggs, milk, soya, sesame and gluten are used. For this reason we cannot guarantee they are free from traces of these allergens.

    Sprinkles can contain fish gelatine, bovine gelatine & agar. 



    Collections available Tuesday - Saturday based on your pick up date.

    Create custom cupcakes
    Create custom cupcakes
    Create custom cupcakes
    Create custom cupcakes